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Congratulations Gordon!

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After close to 60 years of working in the actuarial industry and building GBL from the ground up, our Founder, Gordon Lang is officially retiring. But don’t worry, in typical Gordon fashion, Gordon will still be available for consulting assignments as required and will remain an integral part of GBL. He is a fixture and as such will always be a part of GBL!

Gordon started his almost 60-year illustrious career as an actuarial student with a life insurance company in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1959. 5 years later he moved across the Atlantic to join Commercial Union Life Assurance Company at their Montreal office. In 1967, Gordon received his Fellowship in the Faculty of Actuaries in Scotland and the Canadian Institute of Actuaries. This great accomplishment makes him a fully qualified actuary for over 50 years! A feat within itself. In 1976, Gordon moved to Commercial Life as Vice President and Chief Actuary and two years later, he became a full-time Consulting Actuary with TA Associates, subsequently Sedgwick James, and rose to the position of Senior Vice President & Chief Actuary. A year before the 1988 Olympics, Gordon and his family headed west and moved to Calgary where he reopened the Calgary Pension and Benefits Consulting Practice of Sedgwick James. In 1995, as a result of the purchase from Sobeco Ernst & Young of its Prairies Actuarial Consulting Practice, he and his wife, Louise, formed and greatly expanded Gordon B. Lang & Associates Inc. which we know today as GBL.

Over the years Gordon has been involved in many different aspects of the actuarial world and thus has become an expert in many areas including Life, Benefits, and of course Pensions. He has worked with thousands of clients both large and small and has had a wonderful and long career.

In retirement, Gordon will be able to spend more time with his family which includes his wife Louise, 6 children, and 9 grandchildren. He will also get to pursue other interests with his new-found time.

Please join us in congratulating Gordon for all he has done both for GBL and the actuarial community. Congratulations Gordon on an amazing career and we wish you all the best on your next adventures!

We wish all our clients and advisors to know that the expertise and customer service you have come expect at GBL isn’t going anywhere. We always have and always will value your partnership and we are here to help with whatever you need! Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have at