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Actuarial Evidence

Actuarial Evidence

Expert witness testimony and consulting support

Actuarial Evidence

We provide expert witness testimony and consulting services to support our clients and legal professionals throughout litigation processes that require actuarial expertise.

We offer consulting and litigation support to any stakeholder involved in an adversarial proceeding.

GBL has an experienced actuarial team and can provide quality support in a variety of litigation cases.

GBL can provide both plaintiff and defence counsel with actuarial expert reports and expert witness testimony in various criminal proceedings, some examples include:

  • Personal Injury or Loss of Wages: Determination of the value of loss of income and cost of future care due to injury, including gross-up for tax and management fees
  • Loss of Support: Determination of the value of loss of financial support due to accidental death
  • Criminal Rate of Interest: Calculations of interest rates pertaining to a series of cash flows or a lending contract.  A Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries is required under the Criminal Code to calculate the applicable interest rate in criminal interest rate cases.
  • Life Interest in an Estate: Determination of the present value of an individual’s life interest within a trust, which may be used to offer a lump sum settlement to the individual.

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