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Actuarial Consulting

Actuarial Consulting Services

Actuarial Consulting

GBL team of actuaries can assist with a variety of valuations, consultations, or advice with respect to present value or valuations surrounding uncertainty.

Our consulting services include, but are not limited to:

  • Pension Consulting, Corporate:
    • Funding and Solvency actuarial valuations
    • Accounting valuations for DB pension plans and other post-retirement benefit programs
    • DB pension plan design including integration with DC or supplemental/executive plans (SERP)
    • Administration of DB pension and supplemental pension plans (SERP)
    • Custom solutions to suit your organization’s unique concerns
    • DC plan consulting including review of plan objectives, provisions, and investments
  • Pension Consulting, Personal:
    • Retirement sustainability: are you saving enough for retirement?
    • Commuted Value calculations or verification
    • Present Value calculations of future benefits or benefit promises
  • Insurance Consulting:
    • Valuation of insurance policies
    • Review of adequacy of coverage and a detailed analysis of insurance products
  • Group Benefits Consulting:
    • Strategic planning
    • Evaluation of premiums and if they are appropriate
    • Review of the adequacy of coverage

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