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With a portfolio of financial solutions tailored to the needs of business owners and incorporated professionals, we’ll help you plan for a financially secure retirement.

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Individual Pension Plans

As a business owner, we want you to feel confident about your retirement. An Individual Pension Plan (IPP) is a defined benefit pension plan that allows you to increase your retirement savings and establish long-term financial security.

  • Increase your retirement assets
  • Make large tax deductible contributions
  • Go beyond the traditional RRSP
  • 100% creditor-proof

Retirement Compensation Arrangement

Ideal for high-income earners ($150,000+) such as business owners, athletes, executives, and incorporated professionals who wish to sustain their standard of living into retirement, a Retirement Compensation Arrangement represents the highest level of retirement program available in Canada.

  • Lowers participant’s tax rate
  • Flexible
  • Creditor-proof
  • Taxed only at time of withdrawal

Health Benefit Plan

A Health Benefit Plan (HBP) offers incorporated professionals and business owners a reliable and economical way to provide expanded medical and dental coverage for themselves, their families and certain employees.

  • Employees enjoy a tax-free benefit
  • Turn out-of-pocket medical costs into tax-deductible business expenses
  • Self administered – so no administration costs
  • Flexible

Taxation Solutions – Fair Market Valuation

The Fair Market Valuation (FMV) of a life insurance policy can be used for the purposes of valuing policies transferred to a corporation prior to March 22, 2016, for valuing a corporation’s shares, for divorce calculations for marital property, for transfers from corporately owned to personal, for US Citizens owning Canadian policies residing in Canada and vice versa, and for charitable giving.

GBL is a recognized leader in FMV.

My overall experience dealing with GBL has been "exceptional." I have and will continue to refer you to anyone in need of Actuarial Services.

Yves Bergeron, FSA, FCIA
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We help financial advisors grow their business.

Our financial solutions add value to your client relationships and can play an instrumental role in helping you grow your book of business.

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We help business owners build financial security.

With a portfolio of financial solutions tailored to the needs of business owners and incorporated professionals, we can help you plan for a more financially secure retirement.

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We get what it takes to build a business and we know how to secure your future. Since we began, GBL has helped corporations and incorporated professionals across Canada establish more than 2,000 Individual Pension Plans (IPP), more than 500 Retirement Compensation Arrangements (RCAs), and we’ve led the way in Fair Market Valuations (FMV).

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