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  • Valuations of Interests in Family Trusts


    A family trust is created as either an inter vivos trust, established during the lifetime of the donor, or a testamentary trust, established in connection with a will. The retained income in an inter vivos trust has always been and will continue to be taxed at the flat top-tax rate; however, testamentary trusts receive favorable […]

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  • Executive Compensation and RCAs


    Building a strong team of employees is a challenging task for any employer and continually motivating and retaining your business leaders can be puzzling. While bonuses, shares and/or call options, group benefits and RRSP contributions are the typical go-to components of an executive compensation package, employee pension planning can be utilized by a company as […]

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  • Seven reasons why you should think (more) about your retirement

    Business Owners, RCA

    1. You want the freedom to choose early retirement. The recent flexibility of acceptable retirement ages has given Canadians more to consider when planning their future. How can you be sure you will have sufficient asset to be able to choose early retirement? Just as any¬†successful business relies on a business plan for it’s success, […]

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