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GBL and Pension Strategies Inc.

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GBL Celebrates Addition of Pension Strategies Inc.

This merging under the GBL Brand will expand GBL’s Reach and Value Proposition to Business Owners, Legal Professionals, Corporate Defined Benefit Pension Clients, and Professional Corporations

Calgary, AB: It is with great excitement that GBL announces its expansion of actuarial products, resources, and solutions with the addition of Pension Strategies Inc (PSI). Additionally, Pat Johnston, Principal & Actuary at PSI, and his team will be joining GBL in the Calgary Headquarters adding to GBL’s roster of fully qualified actuaries.

Since 2003, PSI has been a leader in providing customized actuarial and pension services and solutions to a broad range of clients in Western Canada.  These solutions include Corporate Defined Benefit (DB) consulting, marriage breakdown work, commuted value calculations, actuarial evidence work, and setting up and administering Individual Pension Plans (IPPs).  PSI’s client base ranges from large employers to lawyers, financial advisors, and individuals.  This will complement GBL’s 28 years of industry-leading service to clients across Canada and it will allow the company to continue to expand its current offerings and continue to provide a superior experience for its clients, along with their financial advisors and accountants.

GBL looks forward to working with the team from PSI and leveraging their 60+ years of combined experience in the pension industry to seamlessly transition their clients into GBL’s platform, while expanding the company’s footprint and continuing to provide actuarial products, tax strategies and retirement consulting for employers, professional corporations, and individuals across Canada. 

For inquiries, please contact GBL at +1.403.249.1820 or visit their website at

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