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2023 IPP and RCA Application Deadlines

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The end of 2023 is approaching much faster than we think. Many Business Owners and Incorporated Professionals have much clearer ideas as to what their corporate profits will be and are in the need of meaningful deductions to manage both corporate and personal taxes.

With so many tax strategies being muted or closed due to changes in tax policy, coupled with the passive income rules, there are fewer options to pivot to in light of unexpected spikes in active business income. Individual Pension Plans (IPPs) and Retirement Compensation Arrangements (RCAs) are 2 tools that can be instrumental in prudent tax planning. For 2023 we are down to the last few weeks in order to receive applications and lock in those deductions for corporate year ends that are in the last quarter of the year. Completed IPP and RCA applications are required on or before December 11, 2023.

IPPs have become incredibly flexible with changes to provincial regulations. In Ontario, we see IPPs now being exempt from the Provincial funding rules and, on retirement, no longer being subject to locking-in requirements. The majority of Provinces have flexible funding rules, which provides owners with confidence that in a poor revenue year, there is no concern of having to make a minimum mandatory contribution.

For larger one-time or ongoing deductions, the RCA is the perfect tool to use.

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